Starting My Own Seedlings

This past week, I setup my own little grow op in my living room. What am I growing you ask? Veggies – cherry tomatoes, romaine lettuce, and eggplant to be specific.

The setup:

  1. empty yogurt containers
  2. soil mix (peat moss, top soil, and vermiculite)
  3. pizza box
  4. tin foil
  5. incandescent light bulb
  6. plastic bags
  7. seeds

How to assemble it:

  1. Mix together your soil mix in a large container. I used a large Rubbermaid container and had an equal mix of peat moss, top soil and vermiculite.
  2. Add water to the mix to moisten the soil
  3. Spoon your soil mix into the yogurt cups. Ensure that it is packed down and not too loose, but also not too tight with the back of the spoon or the palm of your hand
  4. Create a depression using the back of a pen/pencil about 3/8ths of an inch deep
  5. Insert 1 of 2 seeds into the depression, loosely cover with top soil
  6. Cover with a platic bag. This keeps the moisture and humidity constant for the seed to germinate
  7. Place on pizza tray with incandescent lightbulb underneath. Use tin foil to reflect the light and heat up to the bottom of the box. Temperature should be between 24-30 Celcius
  8. Wait a few days for seeds to sprout, then place in sunny spot

The soil after beeing spooned into the yogurt cups

The grow op

Lettuce seedlings – the first to sprout. Next were the tomatoes, then the eggplants

Stay tuned for more pictures as the eggplants are just about to finish sprouting and the tomatoes have sprouted as well.