travel goals

Some Day, Maybe Travel Goals

travel goals

As we go through our lives, we all have those flashes of inspiration and dreams that come to mind about things we should do or adventures we’d like to take. And I think for many of us, we let those moments pass us by and never think seriously or take action or seriously on these dreams. So instead of just thinking about them and letting them pass me by, I thought I’d take some time to start compiling a list of those goals and at least start the planning process. They may be big, audacious, and unrealistic at this time, but if you have a dream, the passion to achieve your dreams, and the determination to follow through with them, the sky’s the limit and the only one stopping us is ourselves. As I think and dream about the future, I’m reminded of this quote by Theodore Roosevelt

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs, even though checkered by failure, than to take rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much, because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

As I started this process of writing down my goals, I’ve split them into a variety of categories, including life skills, travel, personal achievements, personal, and professional, and tried to attach a timeline as to when I would like to accomplish it by, or in the case of the travel goals, if there is a specific time when it takes place. Thinking of this a a work-in-progress list of things I’d like to do (or have done), I’d like to share with you what’s on my list of travel goals for the future. And if you have any interesting ideas you’d like to share, leave your suugestions in the comments!

  1. Attend (participate in?!) the Running of the Bulls
  2. Visit Macchu Piccu
  3. Explore Easter Island
  4. Visit Christ Redeemer Statue
  5. Snowboard Whistler / Rockies
  6. Attend / Participate in La Tomatina
  7. Ride an ostrich (seriously!)
  8. Stay in an underwater hotel
  9. Dogsled in the ArcticVictoria Falls
  10. Attend Oktoberfest in Germany
  11. Stay a night in a Japanese capsule hotel
  12. Pushkar Camel Fest
  13. Drive route 66
  14. Go skydiving
  15. Climb Mt Fuji
  16. Scuba Diva in the Great Barrier Reef
  17. Attend a Super Bowl
  18. Attend Mardi Gras
  19. Scuba Dive to a ship-wreck
  20. Go Surfing in Hawaii
  21. Horseback Riding/Ride a camel across a sandy desert (completed Feb 2008)
  22. Go white water rafting (completed summer 2004 and fall 2007)
  23. Attend Carnival Ride in a hot air balloon
  24. Drive down the Autobahn
  25. Go Hiking in the Grand Canyon
  26. Fenway Park ballgame vs. Yankees >
  27. Run a marathon in foreign city (Big Five Marathon perhaps?!)
  28. Trek in the Amazon rainforest
  29. Bare all on nude beach (maybe….)
  30. Galapagos Islands
  31. Egyptian Pyramids
  32. New Zealand hiking
  33. Ride through the Venitian Canals
  34. Travel and explore Scandanavia
  35. Go on at least a week long sailing trip
  36. Week long camping/canoe trip
  37. Participate in an orienteering race
  38. Attend Burning Man FestivalRide the Trans-Siberian Train